The mission of the Membership Committee is to promote members’ participation in DPCA activities to enrich Delaware students, counselors and community. The committee has three main initiatives: cultural competence and development, outreach and private practice group. These initiatives provide the opportunities for growth, learning and networking while making resources available to guide members on the counseling profession dynamic journey.

The committee fosters diversity among membership and programs by integrating elements of cultural diversity and competence among professionals as well as in programming. The members are encouraged to be involved in trainings, seminars, mentoring and advocacy with the purpose to enhance the profession. The private practice group broadens counselors’ professions by providing the chance to discuss challenges, sharing and exchanging innovative ideas.

Finally, the committee assists in evaluating services and to determine that members’ needs are met while recommending measures or changes that will improve the evolving demands of members and the professional counseling industry.

We exhort you to become and active member. Please contact the Membership Committee Chairperson for more information.